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Station's Archived Memories
Preserving the History of Rocky Mountain Public Media 

Rocky Mountain Public Media Edited Interviews of Staff, Volunteers and Community Leaders

Join us in exploring the stories and first-hand accounts of the people who have been directly involved with Rocky Mountain Public Media since 1956.  

Thanks to Laura and Buzz Sampson, co-chairs of the volunteer-driven Station’s Archived Memories project at Rocky Mountain Public Media, for editing these interviews of staff, volunteers and community leaders who have impacted the fascinating history of Rocky Mountain Public Media.

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About Station's Archived Memories (SAM)

Station's Archived Memories, initially funded by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), is a totally volunteer-driven project established in 2000. Over 40 volunteers are dedicated to preserving the illustrious history of Rocky Mountain PBS.

Awarded the 2004 Community Development Award by National Friends of Public Broadcasting, SAM is unique within the entire PBS system. The purpose of SAM is to identify, document and preserve the history of Rocky Mountain PBS relating to its volunteers, programming, community outreach and administrative operations. SAM serves the past, present and future of Rocky Mountain PBS by assuring that the history of the station, its importance to the PBS system and to the Colorado community will survive for generations to come.

Archived treasures preserved by SAM volunteers as of September 1, 2021

  • 64,975 Photographs have been archived and electronically preserved
  • 20,583 Document Preservation items have been archived and electronically preserved
  • 4,207 Memorabilia items have been archived and electronically preserved
  • 233 Oral History interviews have been conducted and electronically preserved
  • 15,580 Local production videos and tapes have been inventoried
Rocky Mountain PBS

The First 60 Years - A History of Rocky Mountain PBS

Do you remember shaking your hips to Max Morath's Ragtime Era? Did you ooh and ahh over the cute and cuddly Klondike and Snow? Revisit the local programs, community events and educational opportunities Rocky Mountain PBS has offered for 59 years.